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love shines over aggression
We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars★☆★
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> you take the breath right out of me
Many thanks to minrathous for scanning. ♥

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Summary of this chapter: GAY GAY GAY (girl gay) plus epic crack fail that makes it awesome.

> Hmmm... Plotting
Methuselahs in Trinity Blood have a standard strength, such as: retractable claws that are as strong as steel, ten times faster/stronger than Terrans/humans, rapid regeneration as long the heart isn't destroyed or they aren't poisoned by silver, etc. The ability to "haste" even beyond their limits, inability to age after their Awakening, etc. However, they have sub-races with rare special abilities among them. I'm going to list what I remember on top off my head:

Class FCollapse )
> I am the Lady-Saint
Because it's the cool thing to do. This is incomplete

Behind this cutCollapse )

> Don't shoot Father Tres!


Gdi, Kiyo. You and your epic delays.


You know you want to, baby.

Unf. Jane is hot and has amazing boobs. APP her.
She wants to get under Esther's habit. JANEXESTHER!1!!
So is Esther's grandma: Queen Bridget. Now we know she'll age well, REALLY well (her parents are attractive too, but they don't have the same charisma). She's holding Excalibur The Sword of the Lake.
Mary is looking better. App her.
Virgil is BAMF. App him.

Abel plays damsel in distress this chapter. Virgil rescues him. VIRGILXABEL!!1!
> Frustrated
[August entries]

» Aftermath of the rain reaction: investigation about previous foul events that happened during the rain. Giving the reports of the historical records Lelouch and she found in the library to Caterina Sforza.
» Esther's official police statement about the mass poisoning cases. Talk about making Esther the Police PR. FFF.

[July entries]

» Arrival (aka threatening the network "terrorists" at gunpoint and demand the release of Mr. Butler and Cain if you don't want a dead Lady-Saint as bargaining chip).
» Investigating the Third District (crime rate+ violence + security investigation).
» Expedition shout out (objective: find Atia's headquarters in the hypothetical case they are in the forest).
» Relocation outside the Palace.
» Library research (geography safe sex & survival in the wilderness for the expedition). Greetings to the police force as newest member.
» Public speech, bidding farewell before leading the expedition into the forest.
» Expedition failure. Speculating about bad weather being the result of Atia's plans to ruin their efforts to find her and FREEING THEM FROM HER WICKED CONTROL!1!

[July logs]

» Meeting & Lunch with Ami.


» derp... will hunt down!

[Temporal Living arrangements]

» Hostel. Room 203.

» She declined to live with Caterina&Abel + Vaan&his harem for several reasons: 1) Dietrich. Dietrich likes hurting those friends she makes (targets male friends with debatable "romantic" tension with her), specially he likes to control/coerce/manipulate HER to kill them (see incidents Abel in István and Ion in the Empire). She won't talk about this. 2) She isn't comfortable with opulence when she's seen so much poverty in the Third District. This is one of the official excuses she's giving to people. 3) In case of Abel and Caterina, she's a mite jealous over their intimacy, suspecting that "something" has happened between them in Atia (she can't think resorting in anyone else to loose the collars), so she's giving them "space" since she's always done that when she suspected that in the past: duck. Won't talk about this or admit it to herself. Abel has assured her that nothing happened between them. o/ 4) Until she starts her job and wins some money, she doesn't want to burden anyone that stays in a fancy place. This is another excuse she's giving. Her real reason is mostly Dietrich concerns.


» There was a lot of mindfuck, but not physical sex, k? Just a ~kiss~ when she met him in the port. This is how Dietrich gets his pleasure. :(


» Her oath to Shahrazad > everything, including her chastity vow (Esther was willing to ditch the Church in a heartbeat, Abel included, to run away with Shahra). When comes down to living through any type of sexual intercourse and dying with rebirth with losing a piece of your memories that could hinder her mission? Esther will always choose the former until there is another choice available.

» Esther's got a hero complex and she is very self-sacrificing. I think... if possible, the first time she has to deal with the collar, would be better if she is helping someone else without rush on loosing her own. She forgets about herself and thinks of others (like with Ion), as long they stop getting hurt. IDK. Plot with me?

» Aside of those cases, unless it involves special plotting/character development (contact mun), the collar instances would be assumed/npced for the time being. Esther will never post in the Network about the matter and, because of the extra damage the design of her collar does, she won't wait to make her bleed and worry people about she getting hurt over a computer (after she realizes how selfish that is and is guilt tripped). All can be negotiate oocly&icly, but just sending a big heads up if someone expects her to do this.
07.14.09 - Crit Post
> Flustered
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