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Esther Blanchett
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hagiarchy ( government by saints or holy persons)

"What has happened is WRONG... ...and I will correct that MISTAKE."
Sister Esther Blanchett is currently 19 years old (she was 18 years old when she first arrived to Atia months ago), working as a patrol officer in the police force and running a Shelter in the Third District. She’s petite with brown-red hair, lapis-lazuli blue eyes and pale skin. She wears her hair short at back but with long bangs at the front.

Born in the Kingdom of Albion (Great Britain), Esther was given up for adoption by Sir Edward White and raised by Bishop Laura Vitéz in a Cathedral of István (Budapest). She’s really the Crown Princess of Albion, daughter of Prince Gilbert and Princess Victoria of Ostmark (Austria), however she ignores her origins.

During her young adolescent years, as a novice, she secretly trained with the crossbow and chemical substances to become the freedom fighter leader known as the Csillag. Esther and her group of partisans struck fear into the heart of the corrupted government in the capital. A civil war ensued between them and the Marquis of Hungaria’s private police forces. After the tragedy and the Star of Sorrow incident, she joined the Vatican ranks in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as investigator, obtaining the highest scores in all her trainings.

Her first mission was in Carthago. In there, after her success in arresting a wanted criminal, Esther disobeyed orders and became involved in the mission to establish a secret truce between the True Human Empire and the Vatican. She was eventually chosen as emissary and ambassador of Cardinal Sforza’s good will to accompany Ion Fortuna back into the Empire under the escort of Father Abel Nightroad. Upon her return to the Outer, she discovered she was hailed Saint of István by a corrupted Archbishop. Framed for helping a “dangerous vampire” and labeled as a traitor, Esther tried to unmask D’Annunzio’s plans to spare the world from another war and save her best friend’s family.

Currently, Esther’s recognized as the rising new “hero” of humanity by the media, the Lady-Saint who might lead the world into a new era, leaving the Dark Ages behind. She traveled to Albion and has been thrown into the midst of the complex map of intrigues and political tension. Little she knows that she’ll eventually ascend to the throne of the country.

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